About Us

Learn a little about who we are.

Serf Productions is a software technology company focusing on entertainment, particularly gaming. Avid gaming enthusiasts ourselves, we are our own first customers; striving to make products that we ourselves would really like to use.

In addition to gaming, we're also technologists who have many years of experience working in the Public Sector. We use Open Source solutions all day, every day; so we plan on contributing to the Open Source community in a meaningful way by open sourcing our entire product line. In the near future expect to see Savage Outfitter completely open sourced; available for anyone to download the source, learn from it, and contribute to it.

We've been playing role-playing games for many years. Single player computer games, both American and Japanese, massively multiplayer online games, pen and pencil, you name it. There's something special about exploring other worlds, developing fictional characters, and saving the day with your friends.

Most of us have been playing Savage Worlds games for a few years now. The flexibility of the core rules system allows for such a diversity in play experiences, settings, play styles, and more. One of our goals with Savage Outfitter is to establish a community of gamers that's just as interested in creating Savage Worlds content as they are in playing it.

More than one person has asked us, "Why 'Serf' Productions? Aren't serfs the same as slaves?" Not only are serfs not the same as slaves, there are some rather compelling reasons to get behind "Serf" Productions.

  • Serfs, unlike slaves, could have their own lands, possessions, and even wealth.
  • Serfs were expected to work on their lord's land when seasonally appropriate for various amounts of time. In Poland it started off at a few days a year.
  • After working on the community property (which was shared with the Serfs at harvest) a Serf would go back home and work on his own lands, or endeavors.

We see corollaries in the Open Source ideas that we have for the company. There will be community projects shared by everyone with Open Source licenses. The purpose is to benefit everyone; not even just the people that contribute. Anyone can contribute to our code-bases, learn from them, and use that knowledge to further their own endeavors.